Basement Waterproofing


If you’ve noticed musty smells, high humidity and inconsistent temperatures throughout your home, moisture in your basement may be the culprit. Moisture can foster mold and rot, provide a nice habitat for bugs, and create a humid, musty smell that seeps through your home. Moisture may be caused by a number of factors, including cracks in basement walls, naturally moist soil, poor drainage, or high humidity levels producing condensation on basement surfaces. Clean Heating and Air Filtration offers comprehensive basement waterproofing services to ensure that your home is clean and dry. 

There are two major types of basement waterproofing solutions, external and internal. 
Methods of internal waterproofing which include: 
• Filling in any cracks or gaps in the walls
• Installing a dehumidifier system
• Painting basement walls with a waterproof paint
• Coating concrete walls with sealant
• Installing plastic panels and an interior drainage system

External waterproofing is somewhat more complex. A typical external waterproofing process will usually includes the following steps: 
• Excavating the perimeter of the house to get access to the foundation
• Filling any cracks or gaps in the foundation wall
• Covering the outside of the foundation with a sealant
• Installing a drainage system around the perimeter
• Re-burying the foundation

Suspect your basement might need waterproofing? Clean Heating and Air Filtration offers free inspections and consultations to help you determine the perfect solution for your home. 

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